The Association of Pensioned Staff of the
Co-ordinated Organisations and of their Dependants

How to Join AAPOCAD

Without doubt, the fact that we are representative is our main strength; it is quite obvious that the more members we have and the more we are able to claim to speak for the greatest number of pensioners from all the Coordinated Organisations, the more chance we shall have of being listened to by governments and the administrations of our Organisations.

The subscription is very modest. It is 0.11% of the basic pension or 1.1 euros for every 1000 euros. The payment is deducted at source by the service that manages pensions (ISRP). Members with a deferred pension pay an annual subscription direct to AAPOCAD. The annual subscription is 10 euros.

Fill in the enclosed application form (recto/verso) and send it to the Secretariat in Paris. On receipt, we will send you a membership card, a list of names and addresses of the Governing Board, the Regional Delegates and a list of members by Organisation together with the statutes of AAPOCAD. The missions and the activities of AAPOCAD and those of Associations of former staff of each Organisation are complementary and in no way in competition.

Indeed, the Associations of former staff exist to represent and to defend their Members in relation to their Organisation of origin, concerning problems specific to them.