The Association of Pensioned Staff of the
Co-ordinated Organisations and of their Dependants


AAPOCAD (Association of Pensioned Staff of the Co-ordinated Organisations and of their Dependants) is a non-profit association set up in 1981.

AAPOCAD represents the pensioned staff of all Co-ordinated Organisations, active and dissolved:

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the European Space Agency (ESA), the Council of Europe (CE), the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), the Western European Union (WEU), Organisation dissolved in 2011.

AAPOCAD is the only pensioners’ association which sits as of right, on a statutory basis and with a deliberative vote, on the Committee of Staff Representatives (CSR) of the Co-ordinated Organisations. It is, therefore, the only body legally authorised to represent pensioned staff in discussions with the Organisations and the governments.

AAPOCAD is made up of three bodies:

  • The General Assembly of all members.
  • The Governing Board, comprising approximately 30 members elected by the whole membership.
  • The Bureau, composed of the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, the Executive Secretary, the Treasurer and his/her Deputy and former Chairmen and Vice Chairmen.

Another of AAPOCAD’s aims is to help its members solve problems relating to their pensions. This assistance ranges from answering purely administrative queries to advising those who are receiving their pensions for the first time.

This type of assistance is of particular importance to the surviving spouses of working staff. Just when they are hit by their bereavement, they have to contend with the Pension Scheme rules. This is where AAPOCAD steps in and offers them full and comprehensive advice from the Association of Regional Delegates.

The Regional Delegates’ mission is to facilitate contact with AAPOCAD and tackle any problems that are closely linked to the legislation of the pensioners’ countries of residence. The application of the Pension Scheme rules has occasionally resulted in disputes with the tax authorities of Member countries. The Regional Delegates have proved effective, particularly in these situations. With the guidance of the Administration of the Organisation concerned and backed up by AAPOCAD, they have been able to assist members who are encountering problems with their tax authorities.

Finally, AAPOCAD acts in an advisory capacity to help pensioners resolve matters which are not directly related to their pensions. In exceptional cases, it can even provide them with temporary financial support from the Serge Michelson Fund.

While AAPOCAD may appear to deal with purely technical issues, it was agreed in the General Assembly that it could also organise “reunion” type excursions for its Members.

AAPOCAD informs its members of its activities and recent developments concerning pensioners through its bulletins and newsletters and by way of its website.